Jun 272009

I wrote an article for the Northamptonshire FHS called Serendipity some time ago – those pleasant chance discoveries we make in family history from time to time.

Does your family tree go back to the 14th century? You might find www.medievalgenealogy.org.uk a surprise as it contains transcripts of tax assessments for Northamptonshire http://www.medievalgenealogy.org.uk/subsidies/index.shtml from 1301 and 1524. What surprised me was that I soon found some of my family names in these records, and many others in parishes that interest me that were still there 600 years later. Sadly a lot to fill in between, but quite an encouragement.

May 152009

One branch of my family, Vorley, originates from Great Addington in Northamptonshire and were known to be living there in the 17th century.  In the Domesday Book, Great and Little Addington are recorded as Edintone.   It probably derives from a personal name viz. an ‘estate associated with a man called Eadda or Æddi’.