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My family

Welcome to my homepage. This collection of pages is devoted to my family research.  It covers two aspects.  First to give readers an idea of my research interests  and second to encourage you to contact me if our interests overlap either by the family or by location of interest. There are also some pages with some detailed information relating to Nonconformists in Northamptonshire and surrounding areas, with particular reference to the Baptists in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Packwood family pages

This area of the site brings together some information about my Packwood branch.  I am looking for other researchers who would like to contribute to this area with interests in the Packwood family in the UK.

Names and Places

So that you can quickly see the areas of my research, here is a table of my main family lines I am searching and the locations of interest.  You will find further information, including my family tree and many of its branches on my surname list.

Have a look at my Picture Gallery too and see if you can recognise anyone.

BoffinFewcott, OXFSmithHardingstone, NTH
DarlowBuckden, HUNKislingbury, NTH
FlandersBrampton, HUNVorleyAldgate, LND
Buckden, HUNDover, KEN
Irchester, NTHEdinburgh, MLN
Keysoe, BDFGreat Addington, NTH
Kilsby, NTHHollowell, NTH
Wollaston, NTHIrthlingborough, NTH
HarrisDuston, NTHIslip, NTH
Kislingbury, NTHLeicester, LEI
HensonPaulerspury, NTHNorthampton, NTH
Potterspury, NTHRaunds, NTH
LoveNorthampton, NTHStanwick, NTH
Sharnbrook, BDFThrapston, NTH
Spratton, NTHWardBarnet, HRT
LutherKinson, DORDuston, NTH
PackwoodIrchester, NTHHardingstone, NTH
Northampton, NTHHollowell, NTH
Wilby, NTHKislingbury, NTH
Wollaston, NTHNorthampton, NTH
PartridgeIrchester, NTHRothersthorpe, NTH
Sharnbrook, BDFRushden, NTH
ReynoldsNorthampton, NTH
Padbury, BKM

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