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The Hesilrige Survey of 1743

The area around St Peter's church was surveyed in 1743 along with the remains of the castle site. A helpful ...
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Lost Villages in Northamptonshire

The Deserted Medieval Villages Another are another “lost” landscape feature of Northamptonshire. These were extensively researched between 1958 and 1965 ...
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Stream, Springs, Wells and MIlls of Northampton

Streams, Springs, Wells and Mills of Northampton

An earlier post about the Civil War, 1643: Skirmishes in Kingsthorpe Hollow drew attention to a stream in Kingsthorpe Hollow ...
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Roadblocks and Checkpoints

During World War 2 you could not travel far in and around the town of Northampton and not be aware ...
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Northampton Racecourse

The “Northamptonshire Nonconformist” was the successor publication to the similarly titled “Northampton Nonconformist”. The two publications together ran from 1889 ...
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Deed Mapping

Deeds are often an overlooked resource by family historians. Written in what might seem impenetrable legal language to the researcher ...
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1643 skirmishes

1643: Skirmishes in Kingsthorpe Hollow

An "incident" in the early stages of the English Civil War. There is a small stream that lies beneath the ...
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Northampton’s lost squares

Squares through time Over the years Northampton has lost a number of its squares, some completely and remembered only in ...
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St Gabriel’s, St Michael’s Road, Northampton

A “lost church” hidden in plain sight In some streets in London today there are so many coffee shops of ...
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Moulton Park, Edward F Leach, 1908

King’s Park of Northampton

Of the hundreds of people who work in the Moulton Park area of Northampton, few are probably aware that the ...
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